Tunisia Awards 2014

The first edition of the government-sponsored Tunisia Awards will take place on September 27 at Empire Studios in the Tunisian beachtown Hammamet.
The event, organized by the Tourism Ministry with the official backing of Premier Mehdi Jomaa, will honour personalities who best embody Tunisian creativity, dynamism, modernity, the desire to reason and develop, a taste for competition and respect for traditions typical of Tunisia. A jury chaired by cinematographer Tarak Ben Ammar will give out seven prizes - one in each category. Award names refer to myths or symbols of Tunisian cultural heritage, from the Carthage Trophy to the Hasdrubal Trophy. Hasdrubal was Hannibal's brother, a Carthaginian general. The ceremony will be attended by over 300 national and international personalities from the world of sport, culture, tourism, entertainment and the economy. Guests of honour will be Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas, who will receive the Friends of Tunisia prize for their support of the country over the course of the last three years. Tourism is fundamental to the Tunisian economy and the Hammamet event is part of the relaunch of the sector directed by Tourism Minister Amel Karboul.


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