La Marsa

La Marsa is a Tunisian town situated 18 kilometers north-east of Tunis. Considered by many Tunisians as the most chic city in the capital northern suburbs. La Marsa has preserved its charm and opulent suburban stamp and remains a popular seaside resort of Tunisians.

The history of the city goes back to the Punic time when its first core belongs to the district of Megara, a suburb of Carthage Punic city. Shortly after the Arab conquest, a Ribat was set up, where pious men stand guard and teach Sufism from  XIIth century, and where are buried some famous marabouts.


Kobet El Haoua: Built by a Bey, intended to hide the bathing of the ruling family and became a trendy restaurant and a lounge.

Essaâda Palace: a Tunisian  palace built by the ruler Naceur Bey for his wife Lella Kmar a Circassian odalisque born in 1862 and who married two Beys before him. The architecture and ornamentation are a blend of Moorish Italian and French styles,. It hosts La Marsa Municipality today.

Galleries: Driba, Mille Feuilles, Sadika Space, Saf Saf

La Marsa Keren Yeshua Synagogue: Nicknamed by some believers "the synagogue of miracles".Inaugurated in 1927, La Marsa synagogue has experienced many ups and downs during its history.

The Saf Saf district: is at the heart of Marsa Beach and is the top place of entertainment in the city. The famous café of the same name is a mythical place that preserves the traditions of "tunisois etiquette". Famous for its well dating from the Hafsid era and its camel. The French newspaper Le Monde had called it one day "The most beautiful café in the world ."

Zephyr Mall a nice mall for decontarct shopping, decoration, local jewellery, books & papers, Cosmetics & perfume...

Terminal - La Marsa :


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