Hammamet - Nabeul

At the heart of a happy region, the Cap Bon Peninsula, to green landscapes steeped in Hammamet and Nabeul marine sweetness are two major resorts known for their long sandy beaches and the beauty of the sea shimmering turquoise. 
Time for a long day of call where crusie passenger can taste the charm of Hammamet, its poetics medina surrounded by golden walls and gardens where bougainvillea vie with hibiscus, succulents and jasmine bushes. He can also appreciate the cheerful and easygoing atmosphere of Nabeul, big city  and regional capital of carft which still retains a lifestyle full of refinement.

Archaeological Museum of Nabeul: In the city of Nabeul center, this museum is dedicated to the archeology of Cap Bon, especially on the Punic and Roman periods of the peninsula. Different rooms found at the site of the ancient Nabeul, who bore the Greek name Neapolis parts. A whole section of the museum focuses in more detail on Neapolis and archaeological remains that have been found, from the ruins of the main site, home of nymphs (mosaics) and the fish processing plant, where it practiced salting and manufactured sauces (garum) a near-industrial. Neapolis site is far about two kilometers from the city.

Workshops Pottery: Tunisia Pottery Capital. It is not surprising to find an impressive number of stalls offering pottery of all kinds, Some shops offer good quality products, others play the game sometimes risky to the original creation. To discover the work of pottery, you can visit one of the many workshops around the city.

District Nattiers: Extending north of Avenue Habib Bourguiba and evokes another specialty of the town of Nabeul: mats. In this area it is still possible to see the artisans at work, and one will find a plethora of all kinds mat that can be used as decoration.

Centre for Arts and Crafts of Nabeul: welcomes visitors to discover these crafts that have lcharacterized the city: we obviously find pottery and weaving, but also metalwork, sculpture, for demonstrations and product sales.

Medina of Hammamet: It offers another facet of this city plenty of charms. It is a traditional Arab city with its souk, small alleys and cemeteries. The fort or kasbah dating from the fifteenth century is still well preserved. At that time, he protected the city from foreign attacks. It directly faces the sea. Amount its impressive walls, spectacular views of the surroundings will surprise you. It is a monument not to be missed on the west corner of the medina. By visiting the medina, you cannot miss the souk with all the shops fabrics, perfumes and other goods souvenirs.

The villa Sebastian: It's is also an absolute must. It impresses with its Muslim Arab architecture.It's currently the international cultural center.


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